FSAN Roadmap

A key tool for guiding the work of FSAN and the wider industry is a Standards Roadmap. With the publication of XGS-PON and NG-PON2 standards by the ITU-T, FSAN has delivered on their previous roadmap. In November 2016 FSAN released a new Standards Roadmap to help guide the wider industry and serve as a stimulus for future standardisation and technology development.

FSAN Standards Roadmap 2.0 (released November 2016)

Also, FSAN is working towards maturing the existing PON technologies to make them suitable for wider deployment applications. To this effect FSAN released a Fibre Access Technology Maturity Roadmap in July 2017 as a guideline for this work.

Technology Maturity Roadmap 1.0 (released July 2017)

With the 2022 re-chartering of FSAN, updates to the roadmaps will be developed and published in due order.

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