About FSAN

FSAN (an acronym for Full Service Access Network), is a world-wide industry association of operator companies (service providers that either own or lease the network infrastructure, and network infrastructure providers) who are interested in and committed to the advancement of optical access networks, technologies and services. FSAN coordinates the development of voluntary consensus standards in the field of optical access networks to improve the technology and distribution of broadband optical access services and products for the benefit of the industry as a whole, its customers and consumers (the “Purpose”). FSAN achieves its Purpose through open discussion of publicly available historical, technical and scientific information and by means of liaisons with and member contributions to the relevant standard-development organizations. As a voluntary consensus standards body, FSAN operates on the principles of openness, balance, due process, appeals, and consensus.


First established by seven telecommunication operators in 1995 for the purpose of formulating the minimum requirement set for the optical transceivers in the access application, in its quarter of a century history FSAN has played a pivotal role in formulating the requirements, charting the roadmap, and coordinating the standardization of four consecutive generations of the ITU-T Passive Optical Network Systems. In 2022, the operator members of FSAN agreed to renew the FSAN Charter to address the evolving technological and regulatory environment.

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